FrogLabs FrOSCon 2019

From the 8th to the 11th of August this year the FrogLabs took place in Sankt Augustin again. 90 children took part in the workshops: game development, electronics, robotics, plus one creative workshop which resulted in stop-motion videos and audio dramas. In contrast to the previous Froglabs, this year there was one more day planned for leisure activities and getting to know each other. On Friday, the participants could either go to one of the museums available and then go to Bonn's city centre or go geocaching. On Saturday and Sunday the workshops took place as part of the FrOSCcon at the Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences. The parents could marvel at the results of the workshops at the final presentation on Sunday.

DSC04819.JPG © Martin Gummi


Starting at 2.30pm, the first children arrived with their parents. After they had registered, received a name badge and a water bottle, they were assigned a place on the campsite where they pitched their tents. Those who did not have their own tent were accommodated in large group tents. After a quick introduction, the last parents left the campsite. The children got to know each other by playing volleyball together, having dinner or talking at the campfire. In addition, geocaching, a night hike and karaoke were offered.

geocachen.JPG © Johanna Schink


We used the second day either for a larger geocaching tour or for a visit to a museum with a subsequent visit to the city centre. The "Haus der Geschichte", the "Deutsches Museum" and the "Arithmeum" were among the choices. Those who wanted to visit one of the museums walked together from the campsite to Bad Godesberg railway station. After the visit in the museums, those who wanted could visit Bonn city center in groups of 5. Although it rained, some of them played volleyball in their swimsuits in the evening. The night hike was also well attended despite the bad weather.

Museeum.JPG © Martin Gummi


On Saturday, we went to the FrOSCon with two buses. There, the participants joined their respective workshops: this year, game development offered programming with Python and, as every year, was the most attended. Electronics tinkered with the ESP, robotics built robots and in the creative workshop, you could make your own audio dramas or stop-motion films. During the breaks the participants could go on the bouncy castle and discover the rest of the event. On Saturday evening, there were the same offers as on the previous days.

Workshops2.JPG © Johanna Schink


On Sunday morning, everyone took down their tents and cleaned up the campground. Afterwards, everyone went back to the university and finished their projects in the course of the day. These were presented to all participants and parents in the final presentation.

Workshops1.JPG © Johanna Schink