FrogLabs September 2020

From September 4th to 6th the second alternative offer for FrogLabs 2020 took place. The event, which should have taken place on August 31, was split into two dates due to the corona pandemic. The first part of the FrogLabs had already successfully been held in July in a smaller group. With 32 participants - twice as many as in July - and 12 supervisors we camped on the youth campground in Bad Godesberg. The tutors arrived on Thursday at noon to make final arrangements, motivated to make the weekend as exciting as possible for the participants.

vorbereitung_sep.jpg ©Anna Weichelt

Due to impending rain showers, the arrival was postponed to late Friday afternoon so that the tents could be set up in the dry. By 17:30 all participants had arrived and the opening and the presentation of the workshops could start. The children had until the next morning to decide between the topics games programming, mechatronics and creating an own radio play. After the children had settled in their tents, we had a barbecue. Later in the evening some took the opportunity to take part in a night hike while others gathered around the campfire.

grillen_sep.jpg ©Anna Weichelt

Early in the next morning the first children were up and by 9 o'clock everyone was there for breakfast. After all participants had chosen their desired workshops, the work phase of the first workshop day began. While the mechatronic workshop was concerned with collecting the materials for their solar-powered vehicles, and the radio play production group set off for a walk in the woods to collect sounds, the participants of Games programming received an introduction to Python.

hörspiel_sep.jpg ©Anna Weichelt

Step by step, solar-powered vehicles, unique radio plays and self-programmed games were created in the various workshops. The weather, which was still quite cloudy in the morning, cleared up towards noon and gave the camp a few hours of sunshine, which made working outdoors very pleasant. For the larger groups, gazebos were set up outside to avoid working indoors without adequate ventilation. Volleyball and soccer were played during the breaks and at the end of the day all workshops had remarkable results. After a final plenary session at 6:30 pm, dinner was served and afterwards the participants could sit around the campfire and make bonfire bread.

spiele_sep.jpg ©Anna Weichelt

The next morning at 9 o'clock everyone met for breakfast and then started to pack up their tents. Despite the colder night most of the tents were already dry and with a little help from the tutors, all tents were quickly packed up again so that the second workshop day could start. While some participants continued working in the same workshop, other children wanted to try out new workshops. With enthusiasm the participants threw themselves into already begun and new projects, and like the day before, a wide variety of creative projects came up. Until the final presentation at 17:30, the participants and tutors worked in a concentrated manner so that amazing results could be presented at the final presentation.

basteln_sep.jpg ©Anna Weichelt

Contrary to all expectations, the weather remained mostly dry and the participants were able to work outside in the pavilions without any problems. The short-term rescheduling of the workshops allowed the participants to work freely on and with the surroundings of the youth campground and to discover new methods. All in all, we can say that the rescheduling was a challenge for Teckids, but it was well-mastered and led to the collection of many new experiences and ideas.